Primary Science Programme

We always emphasize how important education is and in our country it's been a struggle around every corner. If there is a building and the kids are actually coming to school, also books are available. These are useless without our teachers. Our educators are the most important part of our education system and usually the ones being neglected. Primary Science Programme realized this and with their work in the last 30 years concentrated giving our educators the tools to improve the quality of teaching in South Africa.


"Our projects annually benefit an average of 1200 teachers and over 80 000 children from 130 primary schools, in the Western Cape, Eastern Cape and the Northern Cape."

- Primary Science Programme

Zorina Dharsey acts as the Director of PSP a registered Trust and a South African non-profit organisation (NPO), governed by a Board of Trustees, and works in the most disadvantaged communities of the Western Cape, South Africa, providing comprehensive and ongoing support to primary school teachers.



"The PSP believes that good quality primary education forms the basic building blocks for all learners to succeed and pursue further education and employment opportunities, breaking the cycle of poverty."

- Primary Science Programme


For more than 30 years the Primary Science Programme's work in the professional development of teachers has been driven by commitment, passion, and a 'can-do' attitude towards improving the quality of teaching and learning, particularly in the critical subjects of Maths, Science and Language in some of the poorest and most under-resourced primary schools. They aim build relationships with teachers, and expertly and respectfully respond to their needs with practical teaching strategies, mentoring, and support and provide innovative teaching resources. They believe their approaches and practical methodologies makes the PSP unique, and are key to unlocking the true potential of all of South Africa's children.


Started in 1983, the Primary Science Programme (PSP) is initiated by Mrs. Anne Griffiths and established as a project of the Urban Foundation, Cape Town. Anne had identified critical shortcomings in primary science education in the schools run by the Department of Education and Training, responsible for African education throughout South Africa. During the years of "Bantu Education", African schools had to follow a separate and inferior science syllabus with very poor resources and no equipment provided to schools.

Vision – Excellent primary schooling for all South Africa's children, where all educators are highly skilled, committed and confident, and are well prepared and resourced to teach.

Mission – to improve the quality of teaching and learning of the sciences, language, mathematics and the environment by supporting teachers in their professional development.


"Every activity was useful and fits perfectly with the CAPS curriculum. It showed me a way of making the teaching and learning process more interesting!"

- Firdows Norton Grade 4 at Heideveld Primary School

"Our guiding principles on this journey are: We believe everybody is entitled to quality education. Every teacher should have access to appropriate professional support. We strongly believe in working in a collaborative way."

"PSP's core competencies in the field of primary education are: Our staff are highly qualified specialists in science, language, mathematics and the environment, and are skilled and experienced classroom practitioners. Our approach to working with teachers is inclusive and participative. We understand and are sensitive to the communities and contexts in which we work."

- Primary Science Programme

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