Playtime with Mamiya


I'm a very traditional girl in many ways and when it comes to doing personal work I always choose to shoot on film. A friend asked me to take a Maiya C220 out for a test drive as he needed some feedback on the condition of his newly acquired toy. So I grabbed a couple of films and took this beuty out to capture some interesting faces.

Mamiya C220

The Mamiya C220 is a lightweight twin-lens reflex medium format camera that was made in the early 1970s. The top lens is for viewing and the bottom for the light to travel through towards the shutter and behind it the film. The lenses are interchangeble and it makes for an amazing portrait camera. Also with the 120 film size you get amazing quality as expected with a medium format camera.


My first mission was to the old age home in my hometown, where my grandmother used to stay. I met Prof. van Dyk, who used to work at the Huguenot College and gives really good hugs.

Then I met the lady who took charge of the front garden at Silverkruin, Mrs Kotze. She loves gardening, her parrot and has an infectious laugh.


This is a portait of my mom, I admire her for her strength, honesty and beauty. Truly the most amazing woman I know.


Lee is a camera enthusiast and the owner of this Mamiya - the focus on this lense is just amazing. I was using a 100mm with this shot.

On my travels through Graaff Reinet I met, Anton, the owner of the Obesa Nursery. He was an eccentric honest man whom allowed me to capture him in his element. The nursery is exceptional, worth a visit when you're passing by.

This was the first shot I took of Mo, such strong features. For more images of Mo