"Everything we see is because of light, the way it bounces off surfaces, gets refracted through materials and gets absorbed by colours. In photography we basically paint with that light. That is why an understanding and appreciation is essential. Sometimes I find myself lost in a conversation because I've been distracted with the way the light changes and dances on the speaker's features."

- Marike Herselman

After completing her 3 year Diploma in Photography at Ruth Prowse school of Art, Marike honed her eye and her skills while working as photographer and assistant at various companies, including The Photographers Gallery, Life Studios and Active Models.

Through her work, she has found her passion lies in portrait photography and has refined her focus to specialize in this field.

"To photograph people is the most rewarding thing. In a way, you're trying to capture the essence of a person through light and put it on a piece of paper. Not an easy thing to do if they don't allow you to 'see' them. The energy and honesty that a person can bring to a photograph transcend any view or expectation they have of themselves."

"In my work I want to build a trust to allow my subject to show me their true self so I can show them how beautiful, interesting and enchanting they can be."