Where Rainbows Meet


"Our mission is to economically and socially empower the women, men, and youth of informal settlement communities through skills & development training - come join us!"

Mymoena Scholtz - Director

Mymoena Scholtz - Director

Shireen Meyer - Sewing Supervisor

Shireen Meyer - Sewing Supervisor

The History behind Where Rainbows Meet

This NPO was founded in 2008 and is a Training and Development Foundation. They can be found in Vrygrond, a community of almost 40 000 and one of the oldest settlements in the Western Cape.

Crime is a big problem in Vrygrond and the stats show that almost 60% of the community have been victims to some form of crime. The crimes range from hijacking to robbery, from sexual assault or rape to violence bridging on killings. Most of the reasons are found in lack of money, alcohol and drug abuse.

Where Rainbows Meet aims to provide a safe place for the community through education, support, including financial and resources.
They are constantly reaching out to the public and corporates for assistance, whether it be in the way of offering training and education, word of mouth advertising or volunteering.

Where Rainbows Meet was suggested to me by my assistant who lives in Vrygrond. Because Vrygrond is already so close to my heart I immediately contacted Mymoena, the founder, who was quick too reply and excited to organise. Speaking to her afterwards left me with mixed emotions. I have so much admiration for the people involved and again realise that there are so many good hearts trying to make a difference. Then there is also so many people in need of help.

Laa'iqah Scholtz - Computer & Life skills facilitator

Laa'iqah Scholtz - Computer & Life skills facilitator

Kyle Luke Cupido - Project Manager

Kyle Luke Cupido - Project Manager

They have a few programs that they roll out - here they are:

Selwyn Early Child Development Centre (E.C.D.)

  1. Day care programme

  2. Aftercare programme

  3. Parental courses

  4. Life Skills

  5. Spiritual dance

Youth Development

  1. Generation For Change Dance Group

  2. Rainbow Chiefs soccer team

  3. Life skills

  4. In schools programmes

  5. Out of school programmes

Women’s / income generating programmes

  1. Siyazenzela sewing & beadwork project

  2. Sibanye gardening project

  3. Nutritional program

Training and Development Program

  1. Life skills

  2. English courses

  3. Computer training

  4. Business courses

Health Centre

  1. Free medical appointments

  2. Youth Hygiene Classes

  3. Support groups + ARVS follow ups

  4. Rape and drug counseling for women

  5. Feeding Scheme

To further raise funds, they sell handmade merchandise - such as bags, clothing, accessories and household goods.

To get involved:


Chelsea Davis - School facilitator and Assistant teacher

Chelsea Davis - School facilitator and Assistant teacher

Sharief Jacobs - Office Administrator

Sharief Jacobs - Office Administrator

Roger Dames - Cook

Roger Dames - Cook

Anwar Schultz - Executive Member

Anwar Schultz - Executive Member

Caroline Testemonial

"When I moved back to Vrygrond I heard about Where Rainbows Meet and the training they offer to those who have no certificates or who want to learn to go forward. After a visit to see what they offer, I decided to do Computer training and joined their dance group. They have two groups, one for school children and one for adults.

The computer course was an amazing experience because they were patient, understanding, nonjudgemental and kind hearted. The class was treated like a work environment. We always have to be on time and give our full attention. With every test we were always encouraged to do better the next time. We worked with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint and the basics of Microsoft Excel. They even helped us get ready for future job interviews by teaching us how to write a curriculum vitae and roll playing a real interview. We had to dress up and everything was fun but stressful, as it was just as serious as a normal interview.

The next time i went to a job interview I reminded myself what I learned at Where Rainbows Meet and successfully got through the interview with a smile on my face. I was even able to put the computer skills I learned to good use.

Where Rainbows Meet is the place to be when you want to build up basic experience. It helped me. "

Find us: 

98 Vrygrond Avenue

Vrygrond, Muizenberg

7945 Cape Town

Call us:

+27 21 205 3496

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