Ripple Reading

On my recent trip to Johannesburg I got in touch with Simone from, a life insurance company that donates part of your premiums to a non profit organisation of your choice. Simone put me in contact with Riana from Ripple Reading and my timing could not have been better. Riana was ecstatic to hear my offer as they were busy redoing their website and desperately needing portraits of their miracle workers.

I met the team at Nooitgedaght Primary School in Lanseria in what felt like a walk down memory lane as I passed the colorful, warm and friendly room with books, pictures, building blocks, clay and much more to aid in reading and learning. My favourite memory was the big reading books I remembered from my own childhood, including “A tail about a tail” about a Lion who lost his tail by sitting on it…sweet memories. And it was such a pleasure to capture a team that is so passionate about what they do and understanding the importance of their contribution.


Remedial education within South Africa has steadily declined over the past decade especially amongst previously disadvantaged communities with limited financial and material resources. Ripple Reading is an NGO that focuses its resources on reading with understanding. Their mission is to develop a model of effective intervention that teaches children how to read with understanding in a safe environment, building up confidence and assisting learners to take control of their lives – academically, socially and emotionally. 

What’s more is that Ripple Reading take an invested interest in learners that show integrity in academic, sporting and leadership abilities by offering a mentoring and a Leadership Development Programme during the challenging transition into secondary tertiary institutes. By implementing sustainable programmes of action, engagement and upliftment and by providing a genuine level of commitment through supportive relationships with the learner, Ripple Reading are undoing several social injustices ensuring a brighter future for each and every child.


Ripple reading already work closely to a number of schools including Thuto Ke Lesedi, Swartkop Valley Primary School, Nooitgedacht Primary and Sakata’s Grade R School.

You can contribute to this amazing NGO by offering donations or by signing up to be a volunteer. Click here for more information about how you can get involved.